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Employee Recognition eCard Software

Celebrate Employee Achievements and Retain Talent

Ecard Software is a game-changer for improving employee retention and promoting a positive company culture. Personalized digital greeting cards make recognition easy, fun, and engaging, boosting morale and recognizing employee contributions.

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Live Examples

Here are just a few of the organizations we’ve supported with employee engagement programs.

Why it matters?

66% of attrition is caused by employees feeling underappreciated

40% of employees believe special events aren’t celebrated enough

43% higher productivity is gained when employees feel their team cares

How we help

Our simple office recognition ecards are an excellent way to celebrate small victories and show appreciation. You can create branded digital greeting cards for any occasion, making them ideal for both manager-to-team and peer-to-peer recognition. This fosters a culture of appreciation and can ultimately improve employee retention. Additionally, the ecards are branded to reinforce your company values and mission, adding an extra layer of impact.

How it works

Launch an employee engagement campaign in minutes with our office recognition ecards.

  1. Personalize the ecards with your branding and custom imagery for any occasion.
  2. Sort the digital greeting cards by holidays, internal goals and targets, company values, and team milestones to promote a recognition culture within your organization.
  3. Embed the ecards into your internal company portal for easy access and sending.

Peer-To-Peer eCard Software

Sending notes of encouragement isn’t just for HR and Managers, it’s for everyone in your organization!

Why us?

Our success is proven! Our office recognition ecards have helped thousands of organizations improve their company culture, retain top talent, and create a welcoming environment.


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What people say

You don’t have to take our word for it. Hear from other HR Directors, EVPs, and people professionals about how our office engagement ecards helped them.

This year we had the opportunity to partner with eCardRecognizer to implement our first formal recognition within our organization. As the leader in social determinants of health, it’s important that we show our internal team members that we care as much as we do our external members. We have been able to create birthday cards, anniversary cards, company value cards as well as get well soon, thank you and sympathy. This program has enhanced our overall culture and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience. Thank you for offering a way to make connections to team members.

Donte Fears

Director, Culture and Team Member Experience, Modivcare

Amazing customer service! Customer service was great and super efficient! Great service! We had to add a language to the app, and it was done in just a few hours. The widget works perfectly and really user friendly. Really happy with it! 


Brain Tumour Founation of Canada

A+ customer service and plugin! Loved the plugin/widget from the beginning, and Tim made it even better by being super helpful and responsive to ensure it worked well for our organization of about 7,000 staff. It’s easy to upload your own graphics or make cards on your own and place on our website. Definitely recommend!


St. Joseph's Healthcare

Choose eCardRecognizer!

We make launching an effective employee engagement program quick and simple.

Easy – Signup, build, and share your cards in minutes.

Personal – Change colors, add logos and customize your themes quickly.

Fast – Send your office recognition ecards via email or social in seconds.

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